Backupify is your own, personal big brother online. You have data online in Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Gmail, Google Docs, Microsoft Office Online and who knows where else. Your business has all that as well as the data in SaaS applications such as and QuickBooks Online. Backupify provides data protection and management for all your data online under one roof and through a common user interface, whether it is backup, archiving, export or search that you are looking for.

I met Backupify’s founder and CEO Rob May in early 2010 as he was in the midst of raising seed financing for Backupify. I loved the simplicity of the service, the scale of Rob’s vision and how much he and his team had accomplished with very little capital. I introduced Backupify to General Catalyst and in just a few days the firm joined the seed round together with First Round Capital, Betaworks and angels such as Chris Sacca and Jason Calacanis. A few months later I introduced the company to Rich Levandov and he led the Series A. I worked closely with Rob on building out the executive team, repositioning the company towards an enterprise play and establishing product/market fit through customer development.

Did I mention that individuals can use Backupify for free? Try it.