My companies

I have been fortunate to work with great people at many different companies over the years. I have benefited from the help of many along the way and now, when I'm not doing my day job as founder & CTO of Swoop, I am giving back through FastIgnite. Here are some of the companies I've been involved with. For more details, see my LinkedIn profile.


I joined the founding team of Allaire straight from college in 1996. Allaire merged with Macromedia, which is now part of Adobe. Good times. More

Polaris Venture Partners

I spent 7 years as technology partner at Polaris doing both traditional investments and launching four new startups. I left to start FastIgnite in 2009. More


I helped start and fund this large-scale digital archiving company. We sold it to our partner HDS for a very nice sum. More


I made an investment in this Belfast-based compliance company that partnered deeply with Microsoft. We sold it to Autonomy. More


Allurent was a cloud-based e-commerce 2.0 platform company Polaris invested in. More


Veracode is a SaaS application security spin-out from Symantec I helped launch and fund. More

8th Ring

I co-founded, funded and shut down this consumer mobile company in just a few months. I like failing quickly and cheaply. More

Thing Labs

I co-founded Plinky, which later became Thing Labs and was acquired by AOL, in the Bay Area with former Googler Jason Shellen. More


I co-founded NYC-based Evidon. It is an online advertising compliance company that enhances consumer protection. More


I am an executive adviser to DC-based DubLabs. This is a green company--they help rid the world of business cards. More


I am an executive adviser to Backupify, which makes sure your online data remains safely yours. Go try it out. It's free. More

General Catalyst Partners

I have partnered with General Catalyst to bring additional much-needed resources to early-stage startup companies. More


I am an executive adviser to Life360, which helps parents keep their children safe anytime, anywhere. More

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